Our Staff

Kas is an international award winning designer and gemologist.  Starting in 1975 she began the process of buying and restoring antique jewelry, making jewelry and studying gemology.  She works with mine owners from around the world importing colored stones and diamonds.  She continues her education with gemology seminars to learn about the latest enhancement processes, values and new finds!


When Kas took her first steps into the jewelry industry, her daughter, Toni, was 7-years-old. It didn’t take long for the “bug” to bite her, as well. Never a shy child, Toni would strike up conversations with potential customers at the craft shows where Kas initially sold her pieces. She made her first solo sale when she was 9-years-old.

As Kas evolved in the jewelry business, Toni’s involvement did, too. She started going with Kas on buying trips, learning to distinguish “good” jewelry from “costume” jewelry, and learning how to grade and select gemstones. When Kas incorporated the business, it only stood to reason Toni would serve as Vice-President.

While trying to find her own “niche” in the business, Toni hand-carved her first wax model. The resulting piece (a ring) won 2nd place in a jewelry design competition. Toni’s love of design led her to learn to create the models of Kas’ designs using Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Machining (CADCAM) software.

Toni then acquired her Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP) certification from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). With 42 years of experience in the industry, she often quips, “I’m not a Gemologist, but I could play one on TV.”