Absolutely amazing, the best jewelry experience I’ve ever had. From the second they opened the door until the minute I picked up my perfectly wrapped engagement ring, they made me feel as if I knew them before I ever walked in, my experience truly couldn’t have been any better. Thank you again (she’s amazing and very knowledgeable), I’ve been trying to find a reason just to go back. I could go on and on but I’ll keep it short and sweet if you want the best go to Kas A Designs and get the Kas experience for yourself.



They are super helpful and so nice!! I would recommend them for any type of jewelry needs!!



My fiancé got my engagement ring from Kas A and he made a fantastic decision going with them! They have been wonderful to work with, either with cleaning my ring, ordering my wedding band and answering all the questions I have. I would suggest this place to anyone!



A very special birth led to the purchase of a gorgeous Aquamarine for this second time mom. She had been looking at a vintage filigree mounting for some time and wanted it as a “push present”. We offered to call her husband and let him know. They had also just bought a new house so the husband said that the ring would have to wait. However, after this incredible story of the baby’s birth the husband came in to get the ring. We think she more than deserved it!! Here is her story:

“On June 23rd, at 38 and 1/2 weeks I woke up at approximately 4:15am to take a normal trip to the bathroom. At that point I started feeling contractions. They were consistent so at 4:37 I started timing and they were 2 min apart. I woke up Eric (husband) who started packing up the car. We put a sleeping big brother, Chase, into the car and headed to Grandma’s. After we dropped Chase off the contractions started getting more intense. At Millersburg my water broke, at this point I felt like I had to push. I asked Eric to call the hospital and tell them we are on our way, I felt like I was pushing and contractions were 1-2 min apart. They said “ok, come on in.” Things started to get really intense and I was screaming for Eric to drive faster even though we were going 95 mph on I70. We got off the highway and headed to Boone hospital. At the intersection of East Broadway and Old 63 I felt her coming out. I prepared myself for delivery while Eric started saying “what are you doing”. We stopped at the intersection of East Broadway and William Street to turn into the hospital. At approximately 6:23 am Charlotte Ann Elsenrath was born in the front seat of our Jeep Grand Cherokee at that intersection, a block away from the hospital. She let out a small cry and Mommy was relieved, but Daddy started freaking out, screaming “Oh my God!!” over and over as he scooped her up and held her while driving at the same time. We all finally arrived at the entrance of Boone Hospital. Daddy put baby Charlotte in Mommy’s’ arms and then ran inside to get some help. He struggled getting through the revolving door, because he pushed the handicap button, there was lots of cursing! He told the receptionist and approx. 10 nurses came out. Baby Charlottes’ cord was cut by Daddy in the car and baby was taken on a warming table to be evaluated, Mommy was taken to labor and delivery. Baby Charlotte weighed 6 lbs 4 ounces, 18 inches and is perfectly healthy!”



“I am an Xray tech and he came in complaining of abdominal pain. He never complains, so I immediately thought something was majorly wrong! I took him back to a room and he said he did not know what was going on, but he had never had pain like this before. I was very worried at this point. After 20 min or so, our provider came back to take a look at him. She thought he had a kidney stone. She asked if I could shoot an xray. I took him back, shot a film, and when the film came out, I turned around and he was on one knee. I hung the film up and noticed he had taped to his belly in wire….”Marry Me ?” and of course….I SAID, YES!!!!!”