Service & Jewelry Care


Our Appraisal Department is a complete gemological laboratory set up for gemstone identification and evaluation. Kas is a gemologist with 40 years of experience and the expertise to also identify and evaluate antique jewelry. Appraisals are generally done by the piece, but an entire estate can be appraised for an hourly rate.

Kas uses the most up-to-date information systems to aid in establishing the current market value of colored gemstones and diamonds. This computerized system averages sales from jewelers across the nation to determine the fair market value of diamond and gemstone jewelry.

Appraisals, gem identification and value determinations are conducted on location! Your jewelry and gemstones will be stored in our vault while they are being evaluated.


Kas A Designs is a full service jewelry store, complete with an extensive Repair and Restoration Department. The Repair Department performs all levels of repair, restoration and replacement. From sizing and prong repair, to extensive restoration of your family heirlooms, we will handle your jewelry with the care, knowledge and skill to restore it to its original condition of beauty.

We provide all of your family’s jewelry service needs.


We are always happy to clean and check your jewelry free of charge! Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your jewelry sparkling:

Take your jewelry off when doing rough work. Colored gems can be chipped, scratched or even break if not worn with care appropriate for their durability. Diamonds, while being the hardest substance in nature, can also chip or break. They are not indestructible! They have cleavage planes that allows them to easily break if they suffer a blow.

Chlorine can cause discoloration and damage to gold or silver. Keep your jewelry out of the pool and hot tubs. Remove your jewelry when using household cleaners or hand sanitizers.

Clean your jewelry regularly; it will not be sparkling and bright if it’s dirty! We do carry a cleaning product called Lavish that cleans exceptionally well. It is easy to use and is non-toxic. We call it the “miracle cleaner” because it works so well!

Avoid touching your stones after cleaning by handling your jewelry by the edges to avoid smudging them with fingerprints.

NEVER put emeralds or organic materials (Pearls) in a jewelry cleaner unless it’s specified as safe for them.


If you follow these Pearl care tips, your Pearls will stay beautiful for many lifetimes.

Pearls should ALWAYS be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Apply perfume and hairspray BEFORE you put on your Pearls. Perfume and hair spray (and any other alcohol based spray) will dry out your pearls and result in the loss of their luster, that damage is permanent and irreparable.

Use warm, mild soapy water to clean your Pearls, but do not soak them. Soaking strands of Pearls can damage and weaken the thread. While water will not damage the Pearl, soaking rings, earrings or pendants will loosen the adhesives used to hold the Pearls in the mountings and you could lose your Pearl. If you want to wipe your Pearls, use a soft cloth and be gentle. Scratches to the Pearl surface cannot be buffed or polished out.

When storing your Pearls, always keep them separate from other jewelry. Hard surfaces can scratch the nacre (surface) of the Pearl and it is not possible to remove scratches or replace nacre.

A little tender loving care will extend the life and preserve the beauty of your heirloom Pearls.