Purchasing a Diamond

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Buying a diamond with an excellent or ideal cut assures you have the most beautiful diamond. It represents only 1% of all diamonds cut in the World! Myself and all my clients want an explosive diamond with fireworks radiating from it! Everyone wants to look at an incredible diamond day after day and think of how much they are loved.

One of our competitors’ advertise they are wholesalers. I have addressed this in previous blogs; they are not. Selling used diamonds purchased in another business, where gold and diamonds are bought in secondary markets and passed off as new, is not exactly unethical but a grey area nonetheless. Generally speaking they are not superior grade diamonds either.

We import diamonds and gemstones, giving you the best possible pricing. Come see some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world that are most affordable too!


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Fashion trends come and go and bridal jewelry is no exception. Yellow gold was in fashion for engagement rings in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. In the 90’s, we saw some brides gravitating towards white metals. After the turn of the century it had become all but 5% in yellow gold the remaining in platinum and white gold as the most popular. Platinum weighs twice as much as gold and is 95% pure. That calculates to costing about 3 times more than gold. 14 karat gold is a little more than half gold. The rest is an alloy metal. Platinum is the most durable and malleable of the precious metals. Some don’t care for the satin patina it gets over time. I love the soft luster platinum gets as it ages from wear.

The most popular trend in bridal right now is old world craftsmanship. Engraving and filigree with a new twist are gracing the show cases. Small sparkly diamonds running down the sides of the finger are also a must for a well-appointed ring. Halos around the center stone are still very popular.  A real unique trend is the industrial edgy look with a hammered texture, a simple setting and rough or rose cut diamonds. Many are shown in yellow gold. This style is chosen by the free thinking organic style ladies.

Some are choosing to wear true heirloom jewelry passed down through generations. We have restored many vintage rings bringing them back to their original splendor. We also stock many vintage engagement and wedding rings from many periods. This is another way to go that can be your own unique style!

For the guys alternative metals are still in the lead. Cobalt is the most popular in our store because it can be sized. Statically a wedding ring is sized 3 times in a lifetime. Titanium cannot be sized and cannot be cut off the finger without a special tool. This tool is not in every emergency room. I see that as a risky choice of metal.

Whatever your style we can help. We have over 300 engagement ring styles in stock. We create, manufacture and restore in our shop ring here in Jefferson City. We import diamonds and colored gemstones to offer the best price and quality.

Fashion & Jewelry Styles

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Trends in fashion come and go. Women today make their own decisions on hemlines unlike the women prior to the 60’s. Back then all the skirts were the same length. Now we see short, long and everywhere in between!

Jewelry is like that, too. Only 5% of all bridal jewelry today is yellow gold. Fashion jewelry is still mostly white metals. Two-tone (white and yellow) made a transition for wearing either color metal. Now we are seeing yellow gold coming back strongly. Personally I have always preferred the rich color of 18k yellow gold.

Fashion influences the colors of the current popular gemstones. The pantone color of the year is emerald green. Naturally, emerald is the gem of choice but tourmaline, imperial jade and chrysophrase all come in that color range.

Many factors influence the favored styles of jewelry; celebrities, movies and magazines. Organic finishes, rough diamonds, rose cuts and gems set in mountings with an organic hammered look have been very popular. We are also seeing lots of designs with a vintage flair, resembling the curves and cuts of the Victorian period jewelry. That would be intricate, filigree style, with a light airy appearance. Delicate and feminine, it’s gaining in popularity.  Now the movie The Great Gatsby is influencing designers with the, elegant, large stone look. That was the Art Deco period with a style that was certainly distinctive with its geometric lines. Grace and elegance and a touch of rebellion defined that period. I look forward to a trend of beauty instead of funky.

I have a brand new line of my own designs called “Joie de Vivre” (Joy of Life). It was inspired by a recent trip to France. There are elements of French architecture, ornamental iron work, and decorative embellishments such as appear in Napoléon’s ceiling in his chamber in the Louvre. I’m very pleased to announce the lines completion.

Stop by to see some original Victorian and Art Deco jewelry in our antique and estate jewelry selection, also the new Joie de Vivre line!



Custom, Beautiful Jewelry

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You dream it, we’ll create is one of the main things we are known for at Kas A Designs. This is the foundation of our business.

Getting to know you, figuring out your style then making a beautiful piece of jewelry tailored to your desires is our goal. Jewelry designs are created line by line by the drawings I render for you. These pieces are engineered for comfort, wear ability and durability. I make jewelry of heirloom quality to last for generations.

I’ve been making jewelry for 38 years now and I’ve had a love affair with beautiful gems and designs evolving from the world. Traveling in search of beauty is a part of my education, from antique jewelry in England, to black pearls in Tahiti. My latest line of jewelry soon to be released, called Joi De Vivre (Joy of Life) was inspired by the art and architecture of France, where I have been many times.

Clients literally have brought in bags of gold jewelry set with miscellaneous diamonds of various sizes and shapes to repurpose. It’s definitely challenging to lay out a design, but from that some very cool and unique designs have emerged.

Another part of this scenario is you can trade the gold in for credit and offset the cost of your new piece of jewelry.

I love to make beautiful jewelry for individuals. I get to know very interesting people. I am entrusted to create a wearable piece of art designed just for them. I do wonderful work for wonderful people! This is a great and enjoyable profession that I have chosen.



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My love affair with colored gemstones began very early in my 38 year jewelry career, beautiful and rare with prices much lower than diamonds. They really sparked my interest. The obsession with color created one of the largest collections of colored gemstones in the country. The desire for knowledge and the difficulty in grading and identifying led me to educating myself and ultimately becoming a gemologist. Learning about diamonds is a science, colored gemstones is an art.

Overtime, I became acquainted with mine owners all over the world. Traveling to foreign countries and finding treasure is a rewarding and an exciting part of my work.

Most varieties of gemstones come in a spectrum of colors. Sapphires can be blue, green, or even rarer still, pinkish orange and a rainbow of other colors. Garnets commonly are an ordinary brownish red. Or you can have a much more exciting color, the truest red or truest green of all gems and rare, too. Any color you can imagine is represented by a gem and can accent any attire or commemorate special occasions.

Birthstones in ‘traditional quality’ are not always appealing but when viewed at Kas A Designs people are shocked at the difference that fine quality makes. Come see yours and get a tour of the world of color. We love to show them and tell you all about the special places in the world they were found.

Brides on a budget, or simply a unique engagement ring can be so beautiful, too! Colored gemstones are the answer, either as a center stone or side accents. In the 1930s colorless zircon was a diamond substitute. A natural stone and more sparkle than a diamond made it a pretty choice for a small budget. We have them in yellow or colorless in round shapes or a new French cut. We can create anything your heart desires even if you didn’t know what it was before we showed it to you!

It’s All in the Cut

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My earliest recollection of an interest in what made gemstones in jewelry sparkle was at the age of 4. Armed with a butter knife, I set out with my mother’s jewelry box determined to find out what was behind those sparkly, green stones. Sitting on the back porch, I managed to remove 2 without breakage before my mother discovered me. She asked what I was doing and I explained my intent. She calmly picked up the jewelry box and took the necklace and went in the house.

My discovery that day was gold foil on the back of those glass stones. What I know now is that what makes a diamond or gemstone sparkle is the cut. Have you ever seen an ideal cut or triple X diamond? It is a round diamond that is cut for maximum light performance not weight! Only 1% of all diamonds are ideal! The beauty of a diamond is in the cut. The best color or clarity doesn’t make it sparkle from across the room. Everyone wants to see what’s on your hand! Instead of the light leaking out the back in
a lesser cut, it all comes back to your eye. Come see one at our store, they are incredible!

The other thing about cut is the appearance of the size of the stone. Let’s be real, size does matter! A thick girdle or the edge, steep crown angles on the top facets, a big table or the flat top, a deep stone all mean smaller diameter. Even these things can appear in a triple X cut diamond. All cuts are not equal. There is a low end of light performance in these too.

Have you ever seen a diamond change colors? This is called florescence. It changes in incandescent light (inside lights) to sunlight. It appears more colorless in sunlight and turns more yellow inside. This is a phenomenon that makes a diamond unique but also lower in value.

I am known as the jewel Queen from being pictured on my own currency called Kas Kash. It is a reward system that Kas A Designs gives $1 for every $20 spent and is redeemed Spring and Fall.

Our Diamonds

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The beauty of a diamond is in the cut. The dancing light radiating out of a beautiful diamond is from the cut, pure and simple. The carefully calculated angles allow the light to pass through the top of the stone (table) to the back facets (pavilion) and all of the light is returned to your eye. Less than ideal varying amounts of light leak out the back. We have diamonds that sparkle from across the room. They represent 5% of all diamonds cut in the world. They are called ideal cut or an excellent make. The round brilliant diamonds have the best light performance. But the cut affects all shapes. They can be any color, clarity or carat but cut should be number one. Without it your diamond just sits there. All diamonds should dance. I invite you to compare our diamonds. They are unrivaled by price and most of all beauty. Yours is waiting at Kas A Designs.

Wholesale jewelry?

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The definition of wholesale is the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others. There are many sellers of jewelry calling themselves wholesalers. If they are selling to the public they are not selling wholesale. They can offer discounted goods but it is in no way wholesale, ho-sale maybe, but not wholesale! They don’t know the definition of the term they are using to describe their own business or perhaps they do and their goal is to deceive customers. How could you trust either their knowledge of the goods they sell or certainly their ethics? They are in essence misrepresenting themselves. If they will do that, why not misrepresent a diamond grade or a colored gem enhancement!

If you don’t know jewelry, know your jeweler!