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308 West Dunklin

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Kas A Designs

308 West Dunklin

Jefferson City, MO 65101


December Birthstones: Tanzanite and Turquoise

turquoise gem on blue background

Tanzanite and turquoise both owe their names to beliefs about where they originated: Tanzanite from Tanzania, and turquoise from Turkey (although that wasn’t actually the case- it was just that Turkish merchants dominated the trade). And that’s pretty where their similarities end. Turquoise sells by the slab, while Tanzanite fetches hundreds of dollars per carat.

Our Diamonds

pile of assorted diamonds

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The beauty of a diamond is in the cut. The dancing light radiating out of a beautiful diamond is from the cut, pure and simple. The carefully calculated angles allow the light to pass through the top of the stone (table) to the back facets (pavilion) and all of the light is returned to your… Continue Reading »

It’s all in the cut

Large detail shot of a diamond

My earliest recollection of an interest in what made gemstones in jewelry sparkle was at the age of 4. Armed with a butter knife, I set out with my mother’s jewelry box determined to find out what was behind those sparkly, green stones. Sitting on the back porch, I managed to remove 2 without breakage… Continue Reading »


Raw Amethyst

My love affair with colored gemstones began very early in my 38 year jewelry career, beautiful and rare with prices much lower than diamonds. They really sparked my interest. The obsession with color created one of the largest collections of colored gemstones in the country. The desire for knowledge and the difficulty in grading and… Continue Reading »